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Interactive map of Mount Everest and local trekking tours

We have developed an interactive 3D map of Mount Everest which is unique in its resolution, unparalleled in detail, and based on the latest satellite technology. The map includes the two most-travelled routes to the highest mountain on Earth, all historical routes and the most famous trekking routes in the Khumbu region. "Everest 3D" also comes in app format, making it your perfect trekking companion!

RealityMaps App - The app for adventurers and alpinists

Professional alpinists rely on the photo-realistic, three-dimensional maps of 3D RealityMaps. If you also want to use the unique maps on tour, then download the free RealityMaps App from the Appstore or Google Playstore! Nowhere else tours can be planned better than in a photo-realistic image of the Alps.

Let yourself be inspired by more than 5,000 hiking-, mountain- and bike tours in the entire Alpine region or load your own GPX tracks on the map. With the app you are always safely on tour, even offline!

With the help of the GPS function, your own position can be displayed on the photo-realistic map and tours can be recorded. So you can easily orientate yourself and evaluate the difficulties that lie ahead. Exposure, terrain or areas at risk of falling rocks can be easily assessed in photo-realistic 3D maps. More information at

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From Lukla to Mount Everest

Our animation follows the track from Lukla through the Khumbu region to the South Base Camp.

From there, it leads through the notorious Khumbu icefall, followed by the glacial valley of the Western Cwm, where Camp 1 and Camp 2 are located.

A steep ascent then leads up Lhotse Face to Camp 4 on South Col at roughly 8000 m. On the summit day, climbers need to first need to master the Southeast ridge and Hillary Step, before they finally reach the summit.

Apps by 3D RealityMaps - your perfect tour companions

The interactive map of Mount Everest on your smartphone

The "Mount Everest 3D" app from 3D RealityMaps is the perfect tool for preparing a trekking tour in the Khumbu region. The app offers the world's highest-resolution 3D map of the world's highest mountain for smartphones and tablets. In addition to the 3D map, the app contains all the important trekking tours in the region, including directions. The perfect companion for the way to Everest Base Camp!