GPS Live Tracking in 3D

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No mountain has received as much attention from the public eye as the great Mount Everest. This is easily explained by Everest's ability to draw in more than a select group of ambitious mountaineers. Instead, it enthralls outdoor enthusiasts from a range of backgrounds and activities alike. Our 3D maps assist during tour planning and are particularly well suited for those looking to gain an overview of the Khumbu region. We also offer 3D flight simulations or tailored perspectives of the region upon request. These can be particularly useful when reporting on real-time events. We also offer live tracking services for mountaineers aspiring to travel in the region. This includes recording and displaying your current location on our 3D maps.

Live tracking

SPOT personal trackers allow us to display a mountaineer’s current position in our 3D map and lets those back home follow your expedition in real-time.


Mollie Hughes

Mollie climbed her first major peak at the age of 17 and hasn’t stopped since. Just four years later (May 2012), she became one of the youngest British women to climb Mount Everest and is on track to break new records this year. In April, Mollie will tackle the world’s highest mountain for a second time, and make history as the youngest British woman to have reached Everest by means of the north and south route.

Join us this April and witness Mollie’s ascent as we track her position, live on our 3D map! For more information about Mollie Hughes, take a look at her personal website: 


Jost Kobusch

Originally from the North of Germany, Jost became acquainted with the Arctic Spitsbergen following his time with the German mountain infantry. He has been an avid climber since he was eleven years old, advancing rapidly and quickly summiting numerous peaks across Europe, Africa and Central Asia. His most recent accomplishment – a free solo ascent of Ama Dablam (6,812 m) – even earned him a world record.

In 2015, 3D RealityMaps tracked Jost Kobusch’s attempt to scale Lhotse (8,516 m) solo. The mountaineer has his eyes set on Annapurna this season, but will be on the Khumbu region’s classic trekking routes this March to “warm up” first. For more information, visit 


The challenge - Everest Million

Daniel Hughes from London, England, has been training for the past two years in preparation for the greatest challenge of his life – the ascent to Mount Everest. His goal is to gain the support of one million individuals, each of whom will donate one pound to his charity, Everest Million.

3D Visualization

Video production

These videos were created using our 3D Mount Everest model. We offer our customers customized videos related to current events on the mountain.