3D Outdoor Guides - The Alps in 3D

Our high-resolution 3D maps depict the Alps in photorealistic, interactive 3D. The 3D landscape displayed is so realistic that it can barely be distinguish from real life. That is why navigating with our 3D products is so much easier than with traditional maps.

Our tour portal, app and community combine outdoor navigation on your smartphone with all the interactive features of social media. That means way more fun while planning your trip and optimal navigation on-the-go.

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Why 3D?

In contrast to traditional topographic maps, interactive 3D offers far more detailed and realistic representations of the landscape. 3D maps are easy to interpret and highly informative, making them the ideal tool for holiday or tour planning. 


Screenshot taken from our 3D "Stubaital" map

The same subset in a topographic map


Better navigation with 3D Outdoor Guides

Our GPS tool displays your current position in the app's 3D landscape. This helps you easily find your bearings and get on-track, regardless of visibility, available daylight or terrain complexity. 

Lost your way?

Get out your cellphone and continue navigating...

Optimal navigation - any time, any place

Performance check

After your tour, you can revisit recorded tracks by uploading them in the 3D Viewer. Your distance covered, elevation, average speed and more can be displayed at any time.